E. Neophytou and Partners LLC law firm was founded in 2010 by Erricos Neophytou, Senior Partner and Christos Er. Neophytou, Managing Partner.

Since its launch, the company provides exceptional high-quality services to its clients, in close collaboration with an international network of associates located in Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Russia, Romania and Costa Rica. The clientele of the firm includes a wide range of corporate customers based in Cyprus and abroad.

The firm’s philosophy is based on professionalism and trust, thus building strong relationships with clients and aiming to be part of their success. Advice to clients is based on legal principles and systematic research, by a team of dedicated lawyers, experts in varying practice areas, who provide complete legal solutions in diverse sectors, according to each client’s needs.

Areas of practice include corporate and commercial law matters, hence covering clients’ needs in a practical way, all types of civil and criminal litigation and family law matters. Moreover, the company’s team has a great deal of experience in sports’ law and additionally specializes in cases of real estate, wills & probate and banking law.

All lawyers in E. NEOPHYTOU & PARTNERS LLC LLC are registered with the Cyprus Bar Association, which regulates the legal profession in Cyprus.

Our Fiduciary Services are operated through E. NEOPHYTOU CORPORATE SERVICES LTD a company duly licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Bar Association.

The Company’s Culture

Professionalism and Trust

Relationships with clients are based on trust, confidentiality and dedication. While operating with a strict professional code, the company provides clients with services that incorporate all the elements they could expect from a high caliber law firm.

Effective Communication

Dialogue is a key element in order to understand and better assist each case. The company’s experts offer their ongoing support to each client, aiming to provide excellent legal assistance.


The firm has put together the most effective and efficient teams with great experience, in order to collaborate with each client and best address each one’s legal issues. The goal is to assist and provide them with the proper guidance, to achieve the desired result.