Maria Panaou


Battle-tested lawyer. Strong-willed, detail- oriented and compassionate advocate of the law. Good communications skills, a personality and always willing to learn. I always work hard and am organized as a perfectionist who loves teamwork. I am a dedicated person who works hard and pays attention to detail. Furthermore, I am flexible, punctual and independent, quick to pick up new skills and open to learning from others. I am a full of energy person with lots of enthusiasm for work and development.

Communication skills developed extensively during my training and my academy years, where I gained the ability to communicate effectively, with different kinds of personalities, where I managed to express my opinion, find solutions for different and complicated situations and earn to be a good listener when it was necessary. I am participating in different activities such as legal seminars that are being organized by communities, mostly by non-governmental, non-profit organizations and seminars on legal education and events organized by the Cyprus Bar Association and Law Societies of Universities in the Nicosia area.